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Onions: Ordinary Heroes

Onions? Did I just purchase a cookbook dedicated solely to onions? To be precise, Onion: The Essential Allium Cookbook, by Kate Winslow and Guy Ambrosino, is, as the finer print on the bottom of the cover says, dedicated to the entire allium family. In other words, this is a cookbook on onions, leeks, scallions, garlic, chives, ramps, and shallots. In its apparent simplicity and narrow focus, this cookbook is actually incredibly comprehensive (Kate and Guy already knew this, but more on that later!).

I am fortunate enough to have met Kate and Guy just last year. So, yes, there is a slight bias…. of course I was excited to support these two lovely people and their recently published cookbook. However, scroll through the pages and you will soon realize the talent behind it. This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. Moreover, there is a third reason why I was excited about this cookbook. In it, Kate and Guy celebrate the ordinary hero.

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Listening to My Own Advice

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Let’s face it: we are creatures of habit! Even though we might prefer to believe that our daily thoughts and actions are conscious, the truth is that most of them are automatic and unconscious.

I was once again reminded of this at a workshop I recently attended. No, the workshop did not speak to “habits”. The workshop, “Grow Food Everywhere”, was centered on the notion of permaculture. In other words, we were learning to integrate our human activity (in this case, gardening) with our natural surroundings so as to create highly efficient self-sustaining ecosystems. In simpler terms, we were learning a lot about worms and poop! It was fascinating, but what I found equally fascinating was how this group of 20-some strangers (your truly included) quickly fell into a routine with each other. The clearest example of this was our seating choices for the second session. Most of us sat exactly where we had sat during the first session.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? It depends. Habits do not distinguish between what is good for you and what is bad for you. They are about efficiency. The brain will, when given the option, pick the shortest, easiest route that requires the least expenditure of energy. It is up to each of us to explore our habits and determine which are beneficial and which are detrimental.

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My Son Drinks Root Beer

post-my-son-drinks-rootbeerMy teenage son drinks root beer. I have struggled with this. It may seem inconsequential except for the fact that, as a health coach, sodas are on my “avoid at all cost” list. I consider myself a role model (a fallible one, but one nonetheless). I like to believe that “I walk my talk”. Shouldn’t my family do so as well by sheer extension? Even more importantly, knowing what I know about soda (and sugar in particular), how is it that I allow my child, one of my most precious persons, to consume it somewhat regularly?

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A Journey in Health


I often hear of health as a “destination”; either a “place” or “intention” to which one is going or is directed. For much of my life, that is what health felt like to me: a specific place or end-result.

As a young girl, I took cues from mainstream media not only as to what health looked like, but also as to how to get there. Mine was a roller-coaster ride of fad diets and frantic exercise. Needless to say, when the destination seemed unreachable (as it so often would), I would declare defeat and “enjoy” my favorite Ben & Jerry’s. Who really wants to go there anyway???

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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life!

post-prescription-drugsData from the Health, United States, 2014 report suggest that, in 2009-2012, 75.9% of adults aged 55-64 took at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days. More specifically, 55.6% of adults aged 55-64 took 1-4 and 20.3% took 5 OR MORE prescription drugs in the past 30 days. A look at selected drug class shows that, in 2009-2012, approximately 50% of adults aged 55–64 took a prescription cardiovascular drug in the past 30 days, and 31.8% took a prescription cholesterol-lowering drug.

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Your health journey awaits!

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